Special ALL-JAZZ SHOW on SteelRadio.com!

Be sure to tune in to SteelRadio.com for the "Don Curtis Show", 8:00pm Central Time, Wednesday, November 28th for a very special “Steel Guitar Jazz Show”. This is one show the Jazz Fans should not miss. This month we will feature a ‘live’ telephone co-host, SteelGuitarJazz.com's own Jim “Jimbeaux” Cohen. Jim and Don will feature some of the greatest Jazz Steel recordings on the Planet, plus we’ll have one of our Country’s greatest female Jazz Vocalist, Ms. Valerie Tichacek in the studio with us. We always monitor the Steel Guitar Forum so be sure to post your questions or comments on Bobby Lee’s Steel Guitar Forum (bb.steelguitarforum.com) You can also E-Mail us at: thedoncurtisshow@charter.net or simply use our Yahoo IM at: "livesteelradio" The Studio Phone is: 314-256-9029 We hope to see you there!

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